Steps n motion 2018-2019 competition teams


Parents & Dancers, We’re thrilled to announce our 2018-2019 Competitive Teams! We were blown away by the talent at our auditions and we're excited to begin a new season. 

We had close to 250 dancers audition for our teams this year. If your dancer wasn’t placed on a team and you would like to set up a personal meeting to set goals and a plan for your dancer to re-audition next season, please, email Ms Sabrina. (

Please, read over the following information and reminders and let us know if you have any questions.

-If you’re a returning team member and do not see your dancer’s name please email us immediately.

-If you auditioned via video and do not see your dancer’s name please let us know.

-Due to the overwhelming response we have added two new competitive teams to our roster. We’re very excited to welcome so many new dancers!

-In order to confirm your acceptance of your spot on the team you must pay your non refundable registration fee, team membership fee and complete your attire order form by July 25th. Attire order forms will be available on TeamApp beginning next week.

-All team dancers are required to attend our Pre-Season Workshop July 30th -August 4th

-Please, download TeamApp and request to join your team’s page. This is our primary source of communication. All information regarding the Pre Season Workshop and other news will be posted on TeamApp.  Please search for the following teams on TeamApp website or application.

*Performance teams (Starlets, Stars, Sparks) search for Steps Performance Team.  

*Competition teams (Tinys, Petites, Pre Teens, Teen Motion) search for Steps Competition.

*Company teams (Minis, Jr.s, Sr.s) search for Steps Company.

*Bitty Baby team search for Steps Bitty Babies.

*Steps to Pro team search for Steps to Pro.

-If your dancer has been selected for our hip hop team, Organized Sound Project, or as an apprentice you will receive a separate email with more information next week. 



Addison Ko

Addison Thibodeau   

Alicia Riga            

Alyse Baldelli        

Ashlynn Saltouros    

Davis Burroughs    

Harper Dernosek    

Isabella Dunchak    

Kaitlyn Raines    

Kennedy Kocur    

Kylee Green            

Kylie Lukacs        

Leah Baldelli        

Leah Ludwiczak    

Madelyn Hicks    

Mia Pollock        

Michelle Livesey    

Sophia Cunningham    

Victoria Martin    


Abigail White    

Amelia Gustafson

Ana Mendez        

Brayden Chambers    

Bridgette Henry

CeCe Dollanger    

Evelyn Munoz    

Georgia Wimberly

Gwen Clarkson    

Kacey Conley        

Kate Fox        

Liana Grasso        

Madelyn Willit    

Mary Keller        

Olivia Cannon        

Sasha Mashchenko

Sofia Urichich        

Sydney Bliss        

Victoria Urichich



Alaina Cash    

Cristyan Lowery    

Emily Holliday    

Grace Lane          

Karley Norris        

Kate Powderly    

Mackenna Batchelor    

Makena Leitgeb    

Marla Giraudo    

Nicole Podewils    

Olivia Freeman



Anderson Lasley            

Ashton Matic                

Ayla Perkins                    

Camila Ramirez            

Charlie Goodwin     

Claire Price            

Emaree Rubina            

Evelyn Padula                

Faith Carlton                

Harper Cavanaugh            

Izzabella Jones            

Kensington Holtzer                

Lilly Cavanaugh             

Mia Heyde                

Ryan Kidd    



Alex Bright        

Austin Chambers     

Ava Thompson     

Brinkley Hall

Corinne Larson     

Ella Thompson     

McKenna Miner    

Milaina Warren     

Molly Donovan    

Nyla Wooten         

Olivia James        

Ryleigh Glahn        

Samantha Turner    

Sophia San Martin



Addison Perrotto

Ashlyn Ha         

Avery Bacon         

Brooke Thomas    

Caroline Agan     

Chloe Egger         

Jillian Johnson     

Kaleigh Hunt         

Karis Williams        

Karys Cole         

Kaylee McGuirk

Liat Hubera                  

Madeline Larson     

Paige Silverman     

Presley Pate        

Ruby Reist    

Sally Page Bobbitt

Charlotte Lumwai



Alexis Cooke         

Allison Wells         

Ansley Hayes         

Aubrey Sinople     

Deja Smith         

Ella Helt         

Isabelle Miller         

Kaitlyn Witte         

Katherine Rudolph     

Laurel Bliss         

Lexie Fisman         

Megan James     

Mia Taljaard     

Mya Blackwelder     

Reagan Overby     

Samantha Wells     

Tatum Beard         

Taylor Hume     

Teen Motion

Courtney Hicks     

Diya Patel         

Ella Klopstein     

Emily Burns         

Emily Wheeler     

Emma Madden     

Halle Shenton     

Jenna Cole         

Jordan Hume         

Kate McNamara     

Kyle Long

Lane Helt         

Maddie Parkes     

Madison Warren     

Mallory Sepe         

McKenzie Tano     

Molly Mastromonaco     

Olive Banny     



Mini Company

Alyssa Wang             

Ava Smith             

Chelsey Daigle         

Kayla McKeand         

Kelsey Miller             

Kingsley Hall         

Laney Koteles         

Lily Claire Jacobus         

Lydia Cooper             

McKenna Glahn         

Morgan Jones         

Neylan Long    

Olivia Maiorino         

Rylee McCartney         

Rylie Sickles             

Skyler Jenkins

Tarin Belizaire         

Toni Valenti     

Junior Company 

Addie MacMurphy         

Addison Koteles         

Ainsley Swift             

Bella Valenti             

Carli Barron             

Chloe Pait             

Hope Karnis             

Julianna Mazzucco         

Katelyn Dunn             

Kayda Thomas         

Mackenzie Agan         

Miranda Warren         

Natalie Sevel         

Sarah Burns             

Sofia Byrd         

Taylor McKay     

Senior Company 

Addie Harding         

Camryn Hicks         

Cooper Treadway         

Daisee Mershon         

Emery Brown             

Emma Schmidt         

Evan Mucciarone

Evelyn Ealey             

Haley Skinner

Isabelle Ferrugia         

Jenna Spalding         

Kendall Revels                     

Lena Hetrick             

Madi Skinner             

Martha Phillips         

McKenzie Bly             

Nadia Stein

Nathan Judy    

Sabrina Fishman         

Shelby Violette         

Walter Crowley

Martha Claire Leach     

Kire Elsasser     

Steps to Pro 

Alexandra Cohen     

Caroline Sumichrast         

Chloe Hess             

Chloe Laumann         

Emma Zorn             

Gracie Laxton         

Madison Jones         

Megan Heyde         

Mia Anderson         

Tania Smith             

Zoe Reynolds


Organized Sound Project 

Alexandra Cohen

Chloe Hess

Daisee Mershon

Emma Schmidt

Jenna Spalding

Martha Phillips

Megan Heyde

Nadia Stein


Aubrey Sinople

Bella Valenti

Cooper Treadway

Mckenzie Bly

Sarah Burns


Hip Hop Team 

Camryn Hicks

Chloe Hess

Cooper Treadway

Courtney Hicks

Daisee Mershon

Ella Helt

Emery Brown

Emma Schmidt

Halle Shenton

Lexi Cooke

Martha Claire Leach

Megan Heyde

Mia Anderson

Molly Mastromonaco

Nadia Stein

Olive Banny


Aubrey Sinople

Carli Barron

Hope Karnis

Julianna Mazzucco

Kire Elsasser

Nate Judy

Sarah Burns

Sofia Byrd

Taylor Hume

Caroline Sumichrast

Jenna Spalding