Frequently Asked Questions

Steps N Motion Dance Studio encourages ongoing membership for consistency in training and personal relationships, both with fellow students and teachers. Becoming a student means you’ll be part of a dance family & community. Students have access to our newsletters and exciting studio events plus early registration access for each session. 

New students are invited to view our class programs and to get started with a free trial class. To join in person or discuss any questions you may have, please contact Maria, our enrollment coordinator, on 704-845-1180 . Alternatively, click on the program you’re interested in to sign up online.

All tuition and dance related fees, including but not limited to, registration fees, monthly tuition, costume deposit(s) and balance(s) and recital fee deposit and balance will be automatically charged to your credit card that you provided in your customer portal on the 3rd of each month.

Missed classes may be made up in a similar class within four weeks.  Parents must contact the office to arrange a make-up class.  Make-up classes are discontinued after instructors begin recital choreography.  There is no tuition deduction for classes missed for any reason.

Students who drop after classes begin must submit a drop form to the office. The drop form cannot be completed over the phone.

We require a two-week notice to drop a class. Tuition charges are based on the date of written notice, not the last class attended. Tuition fees must be current in order for a student to drop class. Dancers who enroll and then decide to drop their class will not receive a refund for paid tuition, you may have unused tuition credited to your account for future classes or camps at Steps. Credits are non-transferable.

Our professional show is held at Ovens Auditorium June 3-4, 2023.

Yes, dancers pay an annual registration fee ($65/student or $95/family), a costume fee (for each class they’re enrolled in), and a recital fee.

Yes! We strongly encourage you to take advantage of Spot TV where you can watch your student on your mobile device. Parents may also take a peek inside the classroom through our viewing windows. In May, parents will be invited into the classroom to observe class and see end of year class awards.

When the weather is bad, Steps N Motion will make a call to cancel classes if it is in the best interest of our Steps family: students, parents, staff. Closings due to weather are announced on the Steps website, social media accounts, & on the studio voicemail after 9:00 am (for morning classes) or 1:00 pm (for afternoon classes). In general, we close when public schools close, but since we have students from several school districts, it is best to check the above places.

Classes canceled due to inclement or severe weather are not made up.

Yes, the studio is open on all teacher workdays. Check the studio calendar for studio closure dates.