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Picture / Rehearsal Week

May 22nd - 25th

Recreational Picture & Rehearsal 1 Week

All pictures are taken at our Fountains Studio. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time dressed in FULL costume with hair done. Dancers will meet their group in the pink room until it is their turn. We kindly ask all parents except Stage Moms remain outside the building. Once dancers finish with pictures (group and individual) they will be escorted to the annex for rehearsal.

Picture Taking Schedule:

Rehearsal 1 Schedule:


Rehearsal / Treat Week 2

May 31st - June 2nd

Rehearsal Week 2 Schedule

This week dancers will have rehearsal at their “home” studio. Dancers should come dressed in regular dance attire this week. Only stage moms will be allowed inside the rehearsal room. Parents please be sure to pick up your recital bag with programs, backstage pass etc. before leaving the studio. All dancers will receive a treat after their scheduled rehearsal block.

Rehearsal Schedule:


Recital Information

June 3rd - 4th

Recital Information

Show Order:

Dressing Order:


Recital Handbook

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